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About Red Arches Rabbitry

May 2, 2019

Jersey Woolies

The Jersey Wool is a dwarf breed of rabbit known for its wooly coat and gentle disposition.  They usually weigh around 3 pounds.  Their beautiful, fluffy coats are easy care, only requiring grooming once a week.  Their wool can be used for spinning and is similar to angora.  They make gentle companions and great friends.

Red Arches Rabbitry

Red Arches Rabbitry was founded in 2019.  I went to a pet store and saw a baby Jersey Wooly and fell in love.  I had never realized that bunnies could be that cute and fluffy.  After researching the breed for several months, I bought my first buck, Big Star's Nibley.  I took him to ARBA shows and had a great time.  Six months later, I bought my first doe, Sunnybrook's Olive.  

My goal with my breeding is to have beautiful, gentle rabbits that make great pets and follow the Standard of Perfection as closely as possible.